The New House Manifesto


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Is it a virtual group marriage to strange but likeminded spirits? A tenuous connection to the dreambuildings of your extended karmic family? A barter/exchange-of-services group of tight-budgeted but talented individuals who can grow off of each other's strengths? The religious cult following of Bertha!, Goddess of Being Your Own Person and Thinking For Yourself? A car wash and grille, featuring live country and western on alternate Thursdays?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! and No!

Between auditions, recording sessions, meetings with business owners, novel writing, newsletter publishing, and saving the world from the red lectroids from Planet 10, our New House Producers will be happy to assist you achieve your goals, large or small, for some creatively negotiable fee and a karmic obligation for a favor in return.

Sort of Andy Warhol's Factory meets the Algonquin Round Table meets Alvin Fernald's swap shop meets the DMV, The New House is a three-headed resource:

Who is The New House?

Bohemian dreamers thinly disguised as businessfolk. Businessfolk dabbling in bohemian dreaming. Artists who think we're bastard whitebread capitalist sellouts. People who feel that even if they don't make a huge impact on society, there is reward in a series of small but respectable dents.

People whose idols and/or best friends include: famous persons of integrity, naturists, the straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, transgendered or nongendered, Rocky Horror/Hedwig fans, high school students and senior citizens, people they've never met in person, people they've shared one skin with, people they would never agree with but whom they can appreciate all the same.

Anyone who tends to go for experiences beyond the mainstream -- peaceful, non-destructive, humanity-affirming ones, no matter how cynical. The lovers, the dreamers, and you, since you've read this far.

The New House is bound together by an intention to bring the world into a finer-tuned, higher-fidelity realization of itself. We would rather do things well than badly. We hope to make everything just a little more beautiful, a little more useful, a little better spelled; we wish to bring whatever we're doing, from painting a picture to organizing a large business, into a bit of a higher aesthetic than entropy-riddled modern times have conditioned us to accept.

Okay, But What's Really the Point?

The primary folk who read, use, and care about us is each other. The more creative people trusted by The New House and involved in its nefarious dealings, the richer each of us becomes.

We would like to be able to live off our creative pursuits. But if we can't make enough money, we can at least help each other to pursue them. A member of the New House Massage Network, for example, can exchange massage with another member, or exchange massage with someone who builds furniture or who designs custom database programs.

What binds us together is a recognition that we all have a vaguely similar idea that we would like to do this kind of thing, and we all feel something akin to love for this sort of project, and the people who would voluntarily try it with us.

The New House, you see, is primarily an underlying support framework of people who, in the best sense, have nothing whatsoever better to do.

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