The Web Houses Project

The New House is not the only house on the Internet.

Every website, also known as "homepage" or just simply "home", is a site on which a virtual house is built.

Like the text-based virtual realities of the 80s or the choose-your-own-adventure books of the 70s, travellers wend their ways from room to room, exploring, making occasional use of whatever they find.

The Internet "community" is a global village of such homes, with plenty of convenient access to the nearby thundering superhighway.

Writers have their workshops, programmers have their storage, architects have their designs, musicians have their listening rooms -- and history, both real and imaginary, also has its porch swings, portcullis, and parking space.

Bach lives next door to Poe, just down the street from Hieronymus Bosch, Nietzsche, Suzanne Vega, and your typical neighborhood exhibitionist.

It is in this spirit that we curate on these pages a collection of image links to all manner of Internet houses. Note that if you have a new enough browser, the house image on our front page changes randomly every time you visit.

Submit the URL of a house image for our project!

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