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Wherein we attempt to curate the completest collection of files of historical and personal interest to the outer Milliways IIN community.

If you have any files for this area, please email them to us by emailing "milliways" @ this website!

Straight index of the Archives.

Milliways History

The envelope which contained a donation from gosubrun.

Logon Poetry
The logon sequence, 1987. Tildes were interpreted as page breaks.

Main Menu
MW's last main menu before switching to full-sentence interpretation, 1988.

Milliways Ad 1
An ancient advert for MW, Hitchhiker's style, with the area code updated.

Milliways Ad 2
A later ad, from Planet Selpira, about the daffodil.

Opening, circa 1989.
The opening screen, circus-poster style.

Toaster discussion, 1997
Preserved typical thread - this one about toasters. (thanks RFW!)

User Logs
Historical (and extremely trippy, to those who know) MW logs, 1988-91.

MW's only redeemable board from its original incarnation, 1987.

A World in Edgewise
The original Milliways continuing story circa 1987.

Other Archives

and then came B.F...
An essay of Joseph's that received an A-plus in Human Personality, UCSC, 1991.

The Book of the In-Laws
Um, if anyone knows the origins of this file, send mail.

The Hidden Brain Damage Scale (pvac)

PhD Qualifying Examinations
2 hours maximum. (pvac)

Answers to your questions about Pizza Mines. (pvac)

RFW's Response
driver8 responds to the MW homepage shpiel.

The Rowena Stories
Home of The Rowena Stories, as developed on mw's boards.

Technology Essay 1
A day in the technology-filled life of Ariella DeCastro, 1989.

Technology Essay 2
The history of modern communications technology - Sound, by Ariella and Joseph.

The Theory of Dark Suckers
As presented by Paul Holmgren, with additions and corrections by Holly Stowe. (pvac)

Chemical analysis. (pvac)

Someday, you will see this picture. (pvac)

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